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MCPA: Correlation-based Decoding of NIRS data

Implement multivariate channel analysis (MCPA) with NIRS a la Emberson, Zinszer, Raizada & Aslin

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This is the page for the Emberson et al., 2017, PLOS ONE paper. You can find a list of our projects on the TeamMCPA home page:

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Two datasets were used in the paper. Dataset #1 has been published in Emberson, Richards & Aslin (2015, control group) and is available in full via Dropbox download. Dataset #2 has yet to be published and thus the original dataset is not yet available in this repository.

The output of this code (i.e., decoding accuracy) is available for both datasets, along with the code used for implementing the mixed effects models reported in Emberson, Zinszer, Raizada and Aslin is available in a complementary repository

If you have questions, please email either Lauren Emberson or Benjamin Zinszer